Professor & Head of Department of Otorhinolaryngology at L.T.M. Medical College and General Hospital, Mumbai. Sheis an internationallyacknowledged expert in thefield of endoscopicsinus and skullbasesurgerywith her specialinterest and focus of researchbeing JNA. She was firstsurgeon in India and amongstthefirst in worldtoundertakeendoscopicexcision of angiofibroma. Her publishedwork on ‘Transcutaneous Orbital Endoscopy’ forlesions lateral totheoptic nerve isamongstthefirstfew such reports in worldliterature.

She also conducts hands on workshops in airwayreconstructivesurgery Sheistheauthor of ‘AnatomicalPrinciples of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery – A StepbyStep Approach’. Sheconducts an annual course in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery at her institutionfor last 14 yearsd

her otherfield of interest

Instructural course----------------------------------angiofibroma, FESS

Instructional Courses

  • Bones don't lie - Osteology of the PNS and Skull base.
  • Mastering radiology of the PNS and Skull base - the First Step to a Successful Surgical Outcome


  • Frontal Sinus Surgery - Tips and Tricks to Make it Safe and Successful.
  • The Angiofibroma grid
  • What I've learnt doing Basic FESS surgery...
  • Stepping Stone surgery for Recurrent Extensive Ethmoidal Polyposis.

The instructional Courses would be 60 minutes to do adequate justice to them . If you choose both I would like to talk on the Osteology one before the radiology one.